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Shiozawa, Y. (2021) The principle of effective demand: a new formulation. The Review of Keynesian Studies 3: 67-95. (Open access) The top paper of the most viewed articles for Review of Keyensain Studies since December 2021.

Shiozawa, Y. (2020) A new framework for analyzing technological change. Journal of Evolutionary Economics 30(4): 30:989-1034.

Shiozawa, Morioka and Taniguchi (2019) Microfoundations of Evolutionary Economics, Springer Japan, Tokyo.
  Book Reviews by Marc Lavoie (open source ), Yoshiro Inoue, Michael Brady, and Barkley Rosser.

Shiozawa, Y. (2017) The New Theory of International Values: An Overview. Chapter 1, pp.3-73.
In Shiozawa, Oka and Tabuchi (eds.) A New Construction of Ricardian Theory of International Values / Analytical and Historical Approach, Springer Nature, Singapore.
The Second Draft before English Revision
Here is a brief comparison between mainstream trade theories (in four generations) and the theory of international values.

Shiozawa, Y. (2017) An Origin of the Neoclassical Revolution: Mill's Reversion and its Consequences
Y. Shiozawa, T. Oka and T. Taichi (eds.) A New Construction of Ricardian Theory of International Values: Analytical and Historical Approach, Singapore, Springer Nature. Chapter 7, pp.191-243.
Second Draft on October 7, 2016.

Shiozawa, Y. (2016) The Revival of the Classical Theory of Values
In N. Yokokawa, K. Yagi, H. Uemura and R. Westra (eds.) The Rejuvenation of Politicla Economy, London, Routledge. Chapter 8. pp.151-172.

Shiozawa, Y. (2016) A Guided Tour of the Backside of Agent-Baed Simulation.
In H. Kita, K. Taniguchi and Y. Nakajima (eds.) Realistic Simulation of Financial Markets: Analyzing Marekt Behaviors by the Third Mode of Science, Tokyo, Springer Japan. Chapter 1, pp.3-50.

Shiozawa, Y. 2009. Samuelson's Implicit Criticism against Sraffa and the Sraffians and Twe Other Questions, The Kyoto Economic Review 78(10): 19-37. (June 2009)

Shiozawa, Y. 2007. A New Construction of Ricardian Trade Theory/A Many-country, Many commodity Case with Intermediate Goods and Choice of Production Techniques, Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review, 3(2): 141-187. (2007)

Shiozawa, Y. 2004. Evolutionary Economics in the 21st Century: A Manifesto, Evolutionary and Institutional Economics Review, 3(2): 5-47. (2004)

Shiozawa, Y. 1999 Economics and accounting: A comparison between philosophical backgrounds of the two disciplines in view of complexity theory. Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal 12(1): 19-38.

Shiozawa, Y. 1996. Economy As a Dissipative Strucuture, a paper read in Keihana Prigogine Conference on May 26 1996.

Shiozawa, Y. 1978. Non-Simultaneous Mark-up Pricing Processes. KIER Discussion Paper No.125.

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